By Erica Lampe


Captured under your voodoo spell

I dance a dance; no one can tell

Day in and day out

I tap to this tune

To a song of mortal doom


OH! For some water!

To quench this thirst

For I’ve prancing

Verse after verse


Dry and fatigue

I have on request

Please cut the strings

So I can finally rest.




My eyes are a window

Yet my soul is black

I look upon the mirror

It only stares me back


Glaring at my pupils

I hope to see some light

But every time I search

I see the black of night


I try again the next night,

But despite searching more,

I gaze at the glass

To see my darkened core


In hopes that one day

I will finally see

A spark of glimmering light

Within the tarnished me.





Laying in the grass I see

A whole new world above the trees

In a rush, the leaves twirl

Falling, falling in a swirl


I hear a fluster to my left

When a bird shoots up with heft

Into the cool autumn sun

Gliding further; just the one


A quick glimpse of where it came

A plant-like flutter quite the same

The reeds below sway softly to

The musical-ness of this outdoor tune


I close my eyes in this grace

As the wind blows in my face

Wanting this peacefulness to last

I become saddened, for I have class!