Underground Beauty

By Donzel Taylor


Underground beauty

Beauty is there but not everybody can see it

Because its not your corporate definition of the word

Hers is the realistic beauty that you know is real

Not sparkling and shining in your face

But beauty you have really look under the surface to see

Underground beauty


Unlike your beauty this beauty is real

This one isn’t all about appearance

And a superficial appeal

The true beauty from within

The one you cant imitate

Or dictate at your whim


Underground beauty can’t be controlled

Because if it were controlled then it wouldn’t be free

And if it aint free

Then how can it be?


It may not appear as grand as the beauty you like

But underground beauty isn’t about appearance

Its about the substance within


Very complex like I said some can’t see it

Most eyes incapable of looking with more than a squint

With my eyes open wide enough to see through the complexity of a kaleidoscope

I can see your beauty

The true beauty that lies within.