The Encounter

By Alexander Castro

Like a mannequin


My eyes peer past the dashboard

I see a familiar face

Hairs stand on my neck

I’m seized by a wave of sweat

Agitation consumes me

I await my next encounter

My insides quiver

Warmth creeps through me

A grip tightens over me

The tenderness of clammy fingers

A familiar sensation sinks in

I’m turned into the usual position

Barricaded from entering my sanctuary

He scrambles for an alternative

I feel a rough surface inside me

Without difficulty it slides through

Shortly I’m taken away from this pain

A climax silenced by great outcomes

Satisfaction gained by both

He’s able to roam in the safe haven

Exploration of a realm I hadn’t know

The feeling engraved in my thoughts

Masochistic craving

The touch of the hand

The penetration of the key

Allows entry