Monsters—Wayne Arminavage II

Progression—Kimberly Rushing

Fall—Hudson Saffell

The Encounter—Alexander Castro

Home—Alexander Castro

Walls—Donzel Taylor

Grassy—Rebeccah Ressler

Good Luck Charm—Victoria Pirenoglu

If That’s What It Takes—Lena Taylor

Storm Daniel—Finkel

La Petite Mort—Kareem Lawall

The City Is A Blow-Up Mattress—Carly Powell

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover—Donzell Taylor

My Psyche Is Fucked Up—Donzell Taylor

The Spark—Donzel Taylor

Underground Beauty—Donzel Taylor

S&D—Sira Sidibe

Her Depression—Stephanie Bermudez-Cruz

Hoping—Stephanie Bermudez-Cruz

Our Tree—Stephanie Bermudez-Cruz

Your Lies—Stephanie Bermudez-Cruz

Decades—Margo Levin

Hearts Play While The Sun Is At Rest—Victoria Pirenoglu

Fragile—Victoria Pirenoglu

The Flow of Life—Victoria Pirenoglu

Midnight Friend—Victoria Pirenoglu

The Little Room—Rebeccah Ressler

Just Act Natural—Leena Taylor

I’m Going To Raise My Hand Today—Leena Taylor

The Taste Of Hell—Leena Taylor

Man Up—Leena Taylor

Lions—Ryan Murt

Where I Am From—Ryan Murt

Untitled—Erica Lampe

Hear What You Speak (Spoken Word)—Mariah Sweeney