Petite Polly

By Ryan Murt

Petite Polly Fane suffers from repeatedly being bumped into and from stubbed toes because no one can see Polly when he or she is walking.   Poor, little Polly, who has pale skin and short, black hair, has adapted to her problems by developing her voice into a valuable tool to protect her. Everyone knew when he or she bumped into little Polly because a projected feminine voice proclaimed, “Excuse me” and an expletive towards that person.

Even though tiny Polly stands at five feet and six inches tall, she has a very broad vocabulary and the capability of tearing any one person apart vocally no matter how big he or she is. Polly Fane holds a Ph.D. in business and is in charge of one of the largest fashion retail chains in the world; therefore, diminutive Polly travels the giant globe very often and rests in many lavish and grand hotels. Mrs. Fane, whose husband passed away due to a mining accident, receives a six-figure salary for supervising sales operations from California through Prague and all the way to the Philippians. Wow! Why does she stay in hotels and motels? She could easily afford a small flat in every country. Well, each and every semester at her alma mater, Polly gives two students full tuition scholarships to attend the school as part of the Michael J. Fane Memorial Scholarship.

Polly Fane is polite, orderly, and very generous; but she will not stand for someone who bumps into her or steps on her toes. Her emotions get the best of her at times and unfortunately insult others. Polly works on harnessing her anger so that it does not spill all out; but hey she is almost a millionaire.