Her Depression

By Stephanie Bermudez-Cruz


She dug herself a pit of sadness with no escape

But she realized much too late.

She clawed at the muddy walls

Suffering many great falls.

Then it dawned on her:

I’m here to stay.

No. Way.

No one. Will come for me. Today.

So, she called for help tomorrow

As she waited the night before in sorrow

Feeling so inhuman, so hollow;

She had no time to borrow.

Her soft voice called out

It was barely a small shout.

No one heard. No one turned.

She balled herself up feeling burned.

Her sad song:

My life is gone.

Everything went wrong.

But the lyrics were no more

Because there was nothing at her core.

So, the silence grew as she fell harder

She was in deep, no longer a martyr

For her own salvation

She was waiting for her cremation.