Hearts Play While The Sun Is At Rest

By Victoria Pirenoglu

On days when the sun has decided to rest
and the clouds take over,

lay bare with a body that cleanses yours.

Listen to the sound of the drops pattering off your window,
and find comfort in the rain kissing everything it touches.

Find comfort in the body that lies next to yours,
in the contours of your lovers face.

Listen to this person on days like these,
because the rain cracks open the shells of many hearts
and you don’t want to miss the words being poured into your mouth
or the hands that bleed sentences through your veins.

You will find contentment in hushed moments filled with Morse code of your mouths, because it is these little codes that stay and warm your heart like hot cocoa.

Find comfort in the pauses of rain,
and use those pauses to close your eyes and let your hands
study their skin, like you are reading braille;

learning to read always took time

but it was always rewarding in the end

reading a story you’ve been waiting to figure out the words to.