Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

By Donzell Taylor

Don’t judge a book by its cover

But decorate your cover in a presentable way

Because they wont open your journal

They’ll just glance at the cover and say

“I’ve already read that story”


a truly flawed system

you want a strong man

you look for muscles

and you give him a chance

come to find out this pussy aint a real man

while the skinny guy that likes you didn’t get a chance


but you don’t see the possibilities or potentials

in fact you don’t see anything at all

all you see is a cover


most books have the same beginning and end

but the story in between is why we open ts page

why are people so reluctant to open the book and turn the page

the story is often nothing like the cover

especially with people like me

but they don’t ever give the chance

why wont they turn the page and get to know me?


Or even get to know he?

Or she?

Why are you so focused on things you can’t see?

Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there

You just have to open the pages and check.


have no depth perception

you may swim to the bottom of an ocean

but they only tread water in a 5ft pool

they couldn’t dive in if they wanted too


they think they know these waters well

and try to tread in it

do that in my waters if you like but I warn you

you will drown in the deep

after being stricken by my waves (brain waves)


Why are they so reluctant to try and swim

And learn how to ride my waves?