By Margo Levin


From 1 to 10, I learned the Golden Rule

From family and the good nuns at my Catholic school.

Playing Jump Rope and Jacks with the kids on my street,

Created fond memories that can’t be beat.


10 to 20 were not the best for me

An awkward teen was easy to see.

There was some bullying, but I broke free,

And met my lifelong mate, a fate truly meant to be.


20 to 30, I married, and had three wonderful kids.

We were cramped in a townhouse — with no buyers’ bids.

What an amazing time in my life, however,

Watching them thrive was a time I’d not sever.

My 30s were chaotic, truth be told,

And for some reason, I just felt old.

Finally, with a new home, a job, and schedules to keep,

Bedlam prevailed, but there was no time to weep.


By the time I was 40, I had a successful career,

But as the kids went off to college, I shed many a tear.

Empty-nesting proved awkward and lonely at times,

But soon became as natural as lemons and limes.


I recall my 50s as my ‘coming of age’

Everything in my world felt right on life’s page:

Good health, prosperity and whirlwind travel

Despite the fact that my little family began to unravel.

My kids, now adults, all married their mates

Three beautiful weddings — all great reasons to celebrate.


When my first grandchild arrived on the scene.

There was nothing more precious or perfect, I mean

The sheer joy of a grandchild just can’t be explained.

And after four more, when each one still proclaims

A divine-like presence when I enter the room…

Their love bursts forth, like a flower in bloom.


60 hit hard, but brought new life ventures

Two Penn State BAs — treasured learning adventures.


Decades pass swiftly and quickly for sure

Looking back through my life, I declare: “I want more.”

But blessings abound, so what can I say?

It’s a wonderful life….


At the end of the day.