Bobby Jones

By Ryan Murt

Big Bob Jones stomped into the dingy weight room because his feet were the size of tree stumps.  Everyone new when he was approaching because they could hear him walking from fifty yards away!  After big Bob squeezed and ducked through the doorway, the six feet, nine inches tall, three hundred pound sasquatch waddled over to the scale to weigh in for the day.  Jones broke the scale!

If you wonder what a mammoth like Bobby Jones does for a living, then you will be surprised to hear that big Bob works as a bellhop at a hotel.  What a surprise!  Indeed, picture the Incredible Hulk carrying your luggage.  Yet, it is true, Bob is up to the challenge; throw whatever luggage you have at him and he will stun you.  If you really want to be shocked, then give him a generous tip and you might just receive a ride on his back.

Bobby Jones goes about his day carrying luggage, laundry bags, and kitchen supplies from seven in the morning to noon.  Next, Bob hits the gym to pump iron for an hour or two.  Then goes to work at a rockin’ night club, where he works as a bouncer.  Everyone who attends the night club is afraid of big Bob, especially of his muscular frame and deep voice.  “If you don’t have valid I.D., then you can’t party”, says big Bob Jones.